What’s the Difference?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What’s the difference between selling cars and tanks?

Selling cars? You’re probably in a dealership. There is a range of vehicles, predictable prospects, unrelenting sales targets, and a marketing campaign run from headquarters. You might sell one car to one person plus the financing package. It comes without a 105 mm rifled gun mounted on a turret.

But, selling tanks?  You’d be working with your own and foreign governments. You would be reaching out to contacts in military organizations and dealing with complex tender documents. There’d be no public advertising, but lots of technical information support. The deal would be worth millions. The tank won’t get 28 MPG.

Different industry: different, complex issues.

So, what do these distinct industries have in common?

The answer is: sales.

There are basically two sales questions to answer. What are their problems? How can my product fix them?

It’s your job to learn those answers and convince your customer of your product’s effectiveness. And, you have to send messages to them that make them say “yes.”

That’s the essence of sales, no matter which industry you are in.

So, the heart of the art is writing messages that fit perfectly with your customer’s purpose, level of certainty, and emotional disposition.

MercurySays shows you how to do it, so they are brought to the point of saying “yes.”

Your sales life can be that much simpler.

Now, that’s different.