We Start Where Your CRM Stops

When a new technology appears, we are astonished. We think it can’t be beat. It dominates. It seems to be unshakeable … unimprovable. (Is that a word?)

Then, after a while, something happens. You can never predict the change. It’s usually a surprise to everyone.

So, there you are with your CRM. It does wonderful things. It stores, organizes, tracks, and shares. It does that with dazzling efficiency and it certainly boosts sales. So, what’s missing?


Let’s go back to 1983.

If you bought a computer back then, you would have been amazed at its power and speed. But, you wouldn’t have realized that Steve Jobs knew something was missing. What was it? It didn’t have a graphical user interface and it didn’t have a mouse. Well, that was a surprise.

So, what’s missing with the CRM?

It is obvious when you think about it.

CRMs don’t know what your lead is thinking and feeling. And, they don’t tell you how to reply to your lead.

Welcome to the astonishing new world of MercurySays. This remarkable program does not use artificial intelligence. It doesn’t need to. Why? Because it analyzes the message your lead has sent you in a unique way.

With infinite care and insight, it instantly knows how close your lead is to making a decision. It knows their level of certainty. And, it measures their emotional state to a degree of precision never seen before.

Of course, you can read the literal meaning of your lead’s email and you can reply. That’s easy. Every salesperson does that. And, they think their job is done. Unfortunately, they will soon be lagging behind.

The magic of MercurySays is that it analyzes the structure of your lead’s message and the form of language they have used.

Then, the best thing, MercurySays tells you how to reply in a way that boosts empathy to an amazing level while focusing on your prime purpose: getting them to say “yes.”

That makes your life easier and your work highly productive.

Neat, huh?

Try it. You will soon realize why we say …

MercurySays starts where your CRM stops.