Tony Robbins (continued)

Tony Robbins Sitting on a lounge chair on the beach with a note pad.

How He Presents

It is fascinating to see that Tony is strongly attached to some words. He uses “I” extensively and “you,” as well. There is nothing unusual about that. But, his extensive use of the word “if” is remarkable.

His sentences are very short, and his vocabulary is extremely simple. That helps him to communicate with a vast range of people.

But, we found that his individual messages are unusually long. They are about twice the length of other businesspeople and entrepreneurs we have measured.

Mostly, Tony starts a message with his main statement, then goes on to explain his point of view and to provide evidence. Only occasionally does he end his messages with his principal idea. When he does that, he usually starts with a strong statement, but his final declaration is typically much broader and more profound.

Like many others successful people, he links ideas overwhelmingly with “and” creating a linear structure like a string of ideas of equal value. Sometimes, he modifies his statements with a “but.”

One of Tony’s extraordinary skills is to reinforce his messages, particularly his evidence and explanations, by repeating a word many times. He can use the same word (like “if”) from between 3 and 9 times in a message, which has a penetrative and almost hypnotic effect on the reader or listener.

The emotional tone of his messages is not only strongly attentive. It is also expectant and extremely quick-witted.

Our language measurements indicate that Tony is perfectly balanced between positive and negative. That’s not a great surprise. He seems like an extremely balanced individual.

So, read that quote from Tony again: “Your past does not equal your future.”

Even that quote is neatly balanced, almost like a math statement: -1 ≠ +1.

That seems to sum up Tony’s amazing clarity of thought and his insight into people. Most importantly, it shows how he can focus like a laser on his major concern: how people can unleash the power within themselves.