You see it so often. With two out, the last batter takes a mighty swing and misses completely. The crowd applauds nervously. Strike one.

Then, there is a lot of thinking and spitting, and, from the mound, the pitcher sends down a wicked curveball. Strike two. The crowd encourages the batter with rising, anxious cheers.

Now, with the bases loaded and the dugout at maximum stress, the pitcher delivers a rocket. This time, the batter and the ball work together in perfect unison. One seems to be magically drawn to the other.

There is a loud crack. The ball arcs over center field, lifted partially on the rising roar of the crowd, and it vanishes over the wall. A kid gets to it first and goes home with a great souvenir.

Yogi Berra said it was all in the timing. He was right.

It is not how hard you hit, whether you are a batter or a salesperson. It is all about timing.

So, you can imagine what power MercurySays brings to your sales timing.

When the batter hits a homer, the ball seems to be looking for the bat. And, the bat is definitely looking for the ball.

That’s precisely what MercurySays does for you. It knows exactly what your lead thinks and feels. And, it guides you to connect perfectly to achieve, in sales terms, a “yes.” That’s a home run.

Yogi Berra knew everything about the interaction of bat and ball.

MercurySays knows everything about your lead and your pitch.

Batter up!