The Right Track

People sitting on a railroad track

The great humorist, Will Rogers, was right. When that sweet moment of complacency arrives, it rarely lasts long. Enjoy it while you can.

You see that classic situation everywhere: in personal relations, families, working teams, and even whole nations. Just when everything is rolling along nicely, something happens that makes the “right track” harder to stay on and, at times, remarkably hard to rediscover.

The usual reactions? Disbelief. Anger. Blaming (usually someone or something else). And, for some people, eventually, a return to complacency … this time in relation to the new track they have fallen to, whether good or bad.

So, what are salespeople complacent about?

The most obvious is the relationship between the salesperson and their lead. The world is awash with advice, scripts, and supporting data created by CRMs that a salesperson can use. And, remarkably, it all looks pretty similar and predictable. Of course, most of it works, but it won’t take you beyond its own limits. And, that’s where complacency steps in … or, should I say, slumps down in a comfortable chair and rests a spell (with eyes closed).

Suddenly, along comes something different … really different. If you are not ready for it, you’ll be tossed aside. But, if you stay alert, you can ride its momentum to new heights.

That’s exactly what MercurySays can do for you.

You’ve never seen anything like it in sales. And, if you don’t use it, your keen-eyed competitors will soon be moving ahead of you. They will certainly be on the right track. And, they won’t be sitting on it.