The Devil in the Data Deluge

There is no need to list the tech programs you use in sales today.

No need to show you how many data points each one provides.

No need to explain how much time it takes to absorb and use all the data.

Why? Because it is perfectly obvious. It all takes way too much time.

What’s clear is that this data deluge can’t continue. And, it won’t because, it won’t continue to sell. People won’t keep on buying stuff they don’t need.

Eventually, some bright spark comes along and says: “We are wasting too much time gathering, sorting, arguing, and meeting about data. We’re forgetting why we’re here. To sell our product.”


Of course, there is some value in data but only so much as a normal human can absorb and use. After that, it’s meaningless, or worse, harmful.

Let’s just focus on:

  • the sale we need to make
  • if our prospect is qualified
  • what they need
  • whether our product does what we claim

Oh, wait a moment. I’ve just thought of a great business idea.

I’ll provide psychological support for salespeople who burn out before they have a chance to succeed. I’ll call myself the Data Deluge Doctor. It will work until that genius turns up.

I wonder which CRM would be best for me.