Shake Them Awake

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Some people say that sales is all about making things better.

Your prospect or customer has to agree that something needs to improve. They have to agree that you can do it for them. If they have already decided in favor of your product or service, the job is already done. That’s easy.

But, if they haven’t decided that you are the answer to their prayers, it’s time to use the classic sales tactics that, at first glance, seem to be shocking … almost immoral.

When people need persuading, you have to shake them awake.

If they are thinking things through rationally, you have to get them feeling emotional so they are primed to take action.

If they are certain about something (but they have got it wrong), you have to make them start to doubt themselves so that they trust you more.

If they are feeling happy, you need to make them feel anxious about issues beyond their control.

If they think they have everything covered, you must show them the crucial things they have missed.

You see, all persuasive messages involve breaking down preconceptions and complacency.

But wait! You don’t want to scare them. You want to help them. They have to be shaken awake to the problems they face and how you can help them.

A new computer program guides you along this powerful sales path. MercurySays knows more than you do about the current mindset of your prospect or customer. It knows how close they are to making a decision. It knows how certain they are feeling. It knows exactly which emotions dominate them right now.

And, with every insight, MercurySays advises you on how to engage empathically as you shake them awake.

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