Selling is Simple! Really?

Is a deal made when people exchange things of equal value? Let’s say, so many dollars for so much ice cream.

Yes and no. The salesperson’s job is to reach a meeting point. However, that’s not the whole story. That’s the end point, and its power probably evaporates the moment after it is reached.

But, there is another side to it. The seller values the buyer’s dollars more than they value what they are selling. And, the buyer values what they are buying more than they value the dollars they are willing to pay.

So, the point where and when the deal is made is a mutually acceptable average between the two perceptions.

That means that the salesperson must prove that the value of what the buyer will get is more than the buyer’s understanding of the value they will pay for it.

Your task as a salesperson is to make the potential buyer understand that their problems are more than they think. That will make them believe your product or service (which will solve their problems) is worth more. And, you must show that their spend is small compared to the gains they will reap or the losses they will avoid.

Once that gap, in the eyes of the buyer, is wide enough, the chance of making a deal reaches a critical point. (You can imagine how a finance plan makes that even easier.)

Some salespeople take a long time to understand that spread. Some, never get it.

The task is not just to reach a point of agreement. It is to increase your prospect’s probable gain and reduce their real cost until that deal can be secured.

Sales is not an easy job, is it?

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