Points on the Board

Reading Time: 1.7 minutes

Does a tennis player aim to win a championship? Or, do they aim to win as many important points as possible?

Of course, their strategy is to win championships. But, they do that by getting those points on the board.

Same with sales. But, how do you get each point “on the board?”
At first, you will want to know if a prospect is qualified. If the answer is “yes,” ask them to agree to a meeting.

Next, identify their problems. Ask them to agree that the issues you identify are, in fact, their problems.

Then, present your product or service and show how it solves their problems. Ask them to agree that it does.

Lastly, explain how the buying or leasing arrangement works (the contract) and ask them to agree to that.

Deal done.

Did you notice that every step in the strategy finishes with an agreement? You ask for something and they say “Yes.” Those are your “points on the board.”

This sales process now has an incredible computer program that shows you how to get those points on the board … every time. It’s instant and consistent.

MercurySays supports and guides every one of your sales conversations toward a “Yes!”

Will you try it?