Mark Twain

Your new idea might be revolutionary and world changing. Or, it might be a tiny modification that makes a process work better.

Maybe it’s about taking a different angle with your leads or developing a different understanding of what your CRM is telling you.

The size and scope of a new idea doesn’t matter much. Almost always, the first reaction is the same. “You are wrong. You don’t understand. You are nuts.”

Try it. You’ll see.

It’s not nice being thought of as a crank. (That term seems to be related to the Dutch and German word “krank,” which means “sick.”) So, if you come up with a new idea, you have to be strong. You have to be willing to be ridiculed. Sometimes, you may wonder why you bothered.

So, you can guess how we feel at MercurySays.

Imagine saying and then proving that you can deeply understand people by analyzing their language in a new way. (The world record for ridiculing the principles underpinning MercurySays, after they were explained, is four seconds. We timed it.)

But, with each new idea, once it is tested in the real world and proved to be brilliant, you’ll see how quickly people turn. Some will suggest that they knew it was great all along. Others will hint that it is nothing new.

When you first start using MercurySays, you might feel that sting, too.

But, keep your eyes on the prize. As your sales success increases and your commissions rise, you will see the truth of this classic quote by Mark Twain. Then, prepare to take on a new role: the innovator, the disrupter, the leader.

This new road is paved with gold.

So, be a crank.

You’ll laugh all the way to the bank.