Make Your Choice

Offering too many choices will confuse your customer.

Happens every time.

The first result is that a customer will randomly choose anything to escape the complex thinking involved in sorting numerous options. Then, they feel bad about the dumb choice they made. Finally, they blame you for their discomfort.

The second likely result is worse than the first. A customer will walk away from the sale when the deluge of competing options becomes too much to handle. It’s easier for them to say “no.”

Usually, presenting just two choices to a customer is okay. When it comes to ice cream, offering chocolate or vanilla may be enough to get you a sale.

Giving a customer three options can be better because they tend to choose the middle of three. You see that with software services like web hosting sites. Typically, they offer the cheap basic plan, then the (most popular) mid-range plan, and, lastly, the expensive premium plan with all the bells and whistles.

But, sometimes, having no choice can be an excellent … choice. Henry Ford famously offered his Model T in one color: black. It didn’t seem to hurt his sales at all.

So, when you are considering using MercurySays, your life becomes easy in a similar way.

You can choose MercurySays to guide your sales messages or you can choose … ahh? Well, you could choose nothing.

Why is that?

Well, MercurySays is unique. There is nothing quite like it.

So, it’s MercurySays or it’s …

Make your choice.