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Jumping Off the Sales Treadmill

A tech startup tells salespeople what their customer is thinking and feeling.

A startup website for salespeople has taken a radical step forward from traditional customer relationship management (CRM) systems. It analyzes each customer’s email or text message and tells the salesperson how to direct that person toward making a positive buying decision.

CEO of, Francis Walsh, says, “We think our program is the first of its kind. It’s like having a sales coach helping you with every message. We aim to help people lift the quality of each sales interaction and achieve better results.”

So, how does it work?

“You copy and paste your customer’s email or text message into the window on our homepage. Our unique dictionary analyzes the message and tells you what your customer’s main focus is. They may be gathering information or trying to sort it. They may be deciding whether they believe what they’ve learned or how they feel about it. Most importantly, they may be ready to make a decision on whether to buy. MercurySaysSales knows that.”

“Then, our program tells you how certain your customer is feeling and identifies their three strongest emotions. In your reply, you should focus on their level of certainty and highlight one or more of their emotions using our psychologically based advice to establish a powerful sense of empathy.”

“That done, your customer is now primed to make a positive decision about the next step in your sales strategy. You simply ask them to say ‘yes.’ If you are at the end of your strategy, it’s time to ask them to buy.”

Francis Walsh says that knowing what’s in your customer’s mind puts you at a massive advantage. You know what to say or do to move them in the right direction.

Today, everyone is concerned about privacy, including the folks at MercurySaysSales who emphasize that the program does not record the messages it analyzes. The startup does not use artificial intelligence but, rather, its unique dictionary which analyzes the purpose and emotional content of each word, phrase and, of course, the overall message.

“Our website gives you a powerful instantaneous tool to improve your sales activities. As more difficult economic times loom before us, it is vital to get the best out of every sales opportunity. offers you the chance to do just that with astonishing precision and efficiency.”

The CEO of MercurySaysSales seems to have hit a sweet spot in these economic times. He tells salespeople, “It’s vital to boost your sales by using this great new technology that will support you moving toward a brighter future. It’s time to jump off that tedious sales treadmill and lift your results.”


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The MercurySays Group is part of the Rushworth Consultancy Pty Ltd, a Brisbane-based Australian communication company which was established in 1989. Rushworth Consultancy has provided communication services to some 300 private and public sector clients including the Australian Federal Parliament, almost all federal government departments and agencies, many state and territory government agencies, police services, and to the telecommunication and banking sectors. Recently, the MercurySays Group provided consultation services to a Fortune 500 company in the US.

CEO and Co-founder: Francis Walsh

Co-founder: Kieran Walsh

PO Box 1093