Ignorance and Confidence

Mark Twain was wonderfully witty. And, super smart. He said he was the first author to use a typewriter. Which may have been true but, then, he was a fiction writer. Always telling stories.

But, this quote is so funny because it seems to be straightforward. These are the attributes you need for success.

Then, you look closer at those attributes.

Confidence? Sure. But, ignorance? Huh?

In sales, maybe it is best not to know the fight you will sometimes face. Maybe, Mark Twain is saying you need confidence and blind faith. Or, maybe, you simply need to be stupid enough to try it.

In truth, no-one in sales can afford to be ignorant. More than that, no-one can afford to be anything other than fully confident.

And, that combination is mentally demanding on anyone. It’s very hard to keep that up day after working day.

So, imagine what a change MercurySays can bring to your work in sales.

Once you submit your incoming message to MercurySays for analysis, you cannot be ignorant. In fact, MercurySays instantly gives you more insight than the smartest human.

Your level of confidence is no longer an issue, either. Why? Because, MercurySays gives you all the guidance you need to direct your lead to a positive decision.

I’d like to rewrite Mark Twain’s quote. I’d say: “All you need is MercurySays and your success is assured.”

So, let’s banish ignorance about your lead forever. And, let’s ensure your confidence levels don’t matter one way or the other. MercurySays will support you as you strive for success because it is working for you.