If you could read their mind …

What would you want to know if you could read a prospect’s or customer’s mind?

There’d be a lot of stuff that would be irrelevant and, probably, a lot more that a psychiatrist could plan their retirement income on.

But, as you classify and qualify them, what would you really want to know?

The top three are obvious.

It would be good to know how close they were to making a decision. If they are still gathering information, there could be quite a journey ahead of you before they are ready to take action. But, if they were just about ready to make a move. That would be useful, to say the least.

It would be great to know how serious they were feeling about the issues they face and about you and your product or service. That knowledge could save you lots of time and energy chasing the hot and waving bye-bye to the cold.

Of course, it would be brilliant to see precisely how they were feeling. If you knew their exact mood, you could reach out to them with extraordinary (maybe, superhuman) empathy and turn them towards your point of view.

MercurySays knows all three. It measures the words and structures your prospects and customers use. It measures what their minds create.

But, MercurySays can tell you much more than it’s letting on.

So, what else would you like to know? Maybe, we can help.