Groucho Marx

Here is the brilliant Groucho Marx mocking bad salespeople and those who claim to stand by their principles.

Maybe, they were his favorite themes.

In the  famous Marx Brothers movie “Cocoanuts,” he acted the part of a crooked hotel manager in Florida pretending to sell land to the gullible. You’d think that someone mocking slippery salespeople would never be a victim themselves. At the very same time, the real-life Groucho was pumping all his earnings into the money printing machine called the New York Stock Exchange. The year? 1929. When the great crash happened, Groucho lost almost everything. Life is full of ironies.

His career kicked on until his death in 1977, but his brilliant words live on.

Groucho’s insight into bad salespeople is important for anyone in the profession. He nailed the fact that a poor salesperson doesn’t really know what their lead is thinking or feeling. So, they will say anything to elicit a response. And, they will almost certainly lose all credibility in the process.

That’s why MercurySays is such a timely breakthrough. When you use MercurySays, you never have to slip and slide around, changing your story to fit your lead. And, you don’t have to second-guess what they are thinking or feeling. Why is that?

MercurySays gives you that instant and powerful insight with every incoming message you receive. So, you have direct understanding of how your lead is thinking and feeling.

All you have to do is to follow the advice that MercurySays gives you. It will ensure you focus on reaching a “yes,” while establishing up-to-the-minute empathy at an unheard-of level.

Paste one of your lead’s emails into MercurySays and step into a new world … a world that is a million miles away from the cynical, equivocating pitch that Groucho imagined.

MercurySays is about achieving great sales results with deep insight and sincerity.