Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a world-famous salesperson and real estate entrepreneur. His “10x” program for business, income, and life provides a transformative experience that thousands have used to their benefit.

The headline of this post (Money goes where it knows.) is a shortened version of Grant’s important message about what people do when times turn bad. It’s the right message at the right time.

Check out Grant’s remarkable communication style.

Where He Stands

Grant’s natural language shows an overwhelming focus on action. That doesn’t mean he ignores the information he gathers. His reasoning power is strong, but his focus on action is so powerful it takes your breath away.

We guess that Grant would be surprised to be described as “intellectual.” But, he is.

Constantly gathering, measuring and deciding, he is probably smarter than many “intellectuals.” We suspect his bank account would attest to that.

His life experience may be the perfect counterbalance, taming his intellect so that he is only slightly certain about his conclusions. But, if you have a point to make, you had better be ready with facts. You should wear running shoes, too, so you can keep up with him.

Just listen and watch Grant for a few moments and you’ll see his hurricane-driven willpower at work. He applies it with finesse and purpose. He is “action” personified.

Optimism bursts from Grant’s messages, many of which include an element of expectancy. That’s why he is so influential. But, you may be surprised by how Grant focuses on time.

How He Engages

Grant appears to be highly attentive. He watches and listens with great intensity. A lesson for us all.

Grant feels he is quick-witted. He thinks and moves fast, focusing on straightforward action in the real world.

Watch a football game and you’ll get the idea. Grant is that player who intercepts a pass then bursts down the field for a 90-yard touchdown. His opponents are standing still, not realizing what’s going on, as Grant flies by with unstoppable momentum.

Grant’s communication style indicates that he gathers lots of information through observation. He may listen more intensely than most people, but what he sees appears to be highly significant to him. That equates neatly with his focus on taking action in the real world.

Like other highly successful people, Grant is keenly interested in the past, no doubt helping him to avoid traps as he progresses. There is not the slightest hint that Grant dwells in the past … quite the contrary.

But, there is a huge surprise, when you understand Grant’s extraordinary message style.

How He Presents

Grant’s communication style is astonishing.

His words are simple. His sentences are short. He can be understood easily by anyone who can speak English (or, at least, the Louisiana version of it). But, his message structures are phenomenal.

Grant provides lots of evidence and examples on any point he wants you to understand. He typically makes his main statement at the end of a message. He will do that three or four times, then suddenly tip over the structure and start with his main point. Pay attention to that shift. That moment is usually important.

Only rarely does Grant say something then qualify it with a “but.” Mostly his communication is linear. That means he says something and then adds another related point, often of equal value. It is straightforward and as simple as A + B + C.

Grant’s tone shows determination in abundance. However, he is almost perfectly balanced between the negative and positive in his messages. That’s a sign of someone who is not predisposed either way.

What an outstanding communicator! Highly attentive. Driven at high speed by his intellect. Open to ideas. Focused on taking action.

He has hundreds of millions of reasons that confirm the value of his communication style.

How does your communication style (and your bank account) compare?

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