Grant Cardone (continued)

How He Presents

Grant’s communication style is astonishing.

His words are simple. His sentences are short. He can be understood easily by anyone who can speak English (or, at least, the Louisiana version of it). But, his message structures are phenomenal.

Grant provides lots of evidence and examples on any point he wants you to understand. He typically makes his main statement at the end of a message. He will do that three or four times, then suddenly tip over the structure and start with his main point. Pay attention to that shift. That moment is usually important.

Only rarely does Grant say something then qualify it with a “but.” Mostly his communication is linear. That means he says something and then adds another related point, often of equal value. It is straightforward and as simple as A + B + C.

Grant’s tone shows determination in abundance. However, he is almost perfectly balanced between the negative and positive in his messages. That’s a sign of someone who is not predisposed either way.

What an outstanding communicator! Highly attentive. Driven at high speed by his intellect. Open to ideas. Focused on taking action.

He has hundreds of millions of reasons that confirm the value of his communication style.

How does your communication style (and your bank account) compare?

Grant’s Website