Graham Stephan (continued)

How He Presents

Graham deploys simple words in his messages, but his sentences are longer than you may expect. They are really long. Add to that, his lengthier messages are deep. Very deep. He explores each issue with lots of details, evidence and strong points.

His communication style is remarkable in that he shape-shifts his message format. He may start with his main point, then elaborate. Next, he will provide details then end with his next principal point. He then strengthens his argument, by creating a message that is like a mini essay with a start, a body, and a conclusion.

Like many successful communicators, Graham’s messages are dominated by “and.” In that way, he offers a set of related pieces of information, each of which is about equal in value. But, he does more than that. He adds a light sprinkling of links that tell you why his main point is not universally true and what consequences may arise from it. He uses these two linking devices in about equal amounts.

Overall, Graham’s emotional tone is smart, attentive and determined. And, to an overwhelming degree, his messages are dominated by positive statements, which display his innate optimism.

Read that quote again.

“Don’t buy things you can’t afford with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like.”

There are deeper lessons to be found in it that go much further than its literal meaning.

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