How To

A contact has sent you a message by email, chatline, or by texting. Copy the message and paste it into the box on the homepage, then press Submit.

The following sales support will then appear.

First …

Then, follow the guidance provided by MercurySays.

MercurySays identifies your contact’s stage in the sales-decision sequence. They will be at one of the following: “gathering information,” “testing facts,” “deciding what they believe,” “feeling emotional,” or “focusing on activity.”

What MercurySays tells you may come as a surprise. That’s because it is analyzing below the literal meaning of the message. Trust MercurySays. It can tell what’s in your contact’s mind.

The start of your reply will instantly grab their attention and guide them toward a positive emotional disposition.

Then …

Scanning deeply below the surface of the message, MercurySays measures your contact’s level of certainty. It assesses how sure they feel about making a decision. Then, MercurySays shows you how to focus on their problems and to show that you can solve them. The guidance that MercurySays provides is tailored precisely to your contact’s level of certainty.

Next …

Choose the most relevant of the three responses presented by MercurySays.

MercurySays probes even deeper to identify the emotions your contact is expressing. It selects the three most important emotions of the 81 basic and compounded emotions that it measures. Based on each specific emotion, MercurySays provides responses helping you to guide your contact toward a state in which they are most likely to make a positive decision.

Now …

Now, it is time ask for their agreement. It can be for anything you want them to agree to. If you have just started the conversation, you can ask them to agree to the next stage of your strategy, like setting a date for a further conversation. If you are near the end of your sales sequence, you can ask them to agree to your entire proposal.

If your contact says “Yes,” you have achieved  your goal. Congratulations! Now, it is time to take the next step in your strategy or to move on to your next customer.

If your contact says “Maybe” or “No,” go through your presentation again and follow MercurySays’ advice.

Never give up. You may receive four or more “No’s” or “Maybe’s” before you get a “Yes!”

Use MercurySays every time you reply until you reach the result you desire: a glorious “Yes!”

Say “yes” to success!

Dealing with complex messages and replies.

Writing brilliant responses instantly.