Do the Impossible

What a mind! Walt Disney’s achievements are a physical manifestation of his extraordinary mind. Truly remarkable.

Homeless and hungry at 16, Walt died in 1966 leaving behind The Walt Disney Company, which now has total assets estimated to be over $200 billion. More than that, he bequeathed to the world years of laughter and innocent pleasure.

But, reread his quote. It’s so simple but packed with insight.

Who thinks doing the impossible is … even possible?

Who thinks that it could possibly be fun?

Well, if Walt did, maybe we should, too.

The “impossible” could be anything: a joyous family life; a strong career that supports you and those you love; or, maybe, making more in commissions this year.

If you name the “impossible” and decide to make its achievement “fun,” there is no telling what you might do next.

Would it surprise you to learn that the inspiration to create MercurySays was exactly that?

What’s impossible? To understand much more about people by analyzing their messages in a totally new way. That was seemingly impossible.

Fun? To make MercurySays’ insights utterly simple to learn and easy to follow. You’ll get the benefit of that “fun.”

Impossible and fun?

Use MercurySays to experience both.