Disrupt the Disruptors

Is there anything worse than a disruptor who thinks, years after they shocked the world, that they are still disrupting?

You see it in marketing, politics, business … all over the place.

They became big news decades ago, but, they still think they are cutting edge even though they are as predictable and old as a dinosaur.

You can pick the old “disruptors.” They copy, buy, or disparage newcomers. Happens every time.

So, how can you identify the new disruptors? Easy. They look, sound and act differently in their market. They struggle to be noticed. And, they do what true disruptors do … the impossible.

That’s right. They take on an impossible challenge and prove that it can be done. When enough people realize that they are right, everything in that market changes.

Would you like to see true disruption?

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Welcome to the impossible.