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Guide Your Corporate Culture to Success

To achieve optimal performance in the workplace,
you have to start with precise, current information.

Personality tests are used extensively for recruitment, promotion,
and task assignment, but are they accurate?

MercurySays gives you instant accurate insight.

The staff’s goal could be a broad corporate objective like “empowering our customers to achieve success.” MercurySays will analyze text on the basis of empowering people and provide appropriate, individualized advice.

Alternatively, your goal may be to create a specialist research team that is focused on creativity. MercurySays can search for attributes associated with creativity and encourage them with members of the team.

Similarly, a sales team could be encouraged to be more energetic, or a customer service team could be encouraged to be more empathic, efficient, or rational.

With MercurySays, insights and advice are generated instantly and accurately, based on real, objective measures.

The program does not rely on the writing or language skills of the writer. Nor does the literal meaning of their messages play a direct role in this assessment. (You would have no problem understanding each message’s meaning.)

Rather, MercurySays analyzes language on the basis of purpose, rationality, emotion, action, values, and sensory sensitivity. This analysis is typically far beyond what a normal reader can process.

Our Special Offer to Senior Decision-Makers

To introduce you to the power of MercurySays Corporate, we offer a service to our senior decision-making clients which focuses on improving messaging to achieve a defined goal. It’s called the MercurySays Corporate Report.

Once we have confirmed your role, we will provide, free of charge, an analysis of five, sequential messages from a single individual. Those messages might be from you, from another executive, or from anyone else. Make sure the texts are redacted to protect identities and commercial-in-confidence information.

You will receive …

In the MercurySays Corporate Report, you will receive a detailed insight into the trends and characteristics of the messages, as well as advice and support to achieve the goal you have set.

We will use the “Big Five” Personality Traits as a simple and effective structure for promoting behavioral change.

Beyond this special offer, if you wish to use this analysis more broadly in your organization, you can define how you would like the insights to be presented (if the “Big Five” is not appropriate) and we will endeavor to accommodate your needs.

Reach out to us to start the journey
to precision-based decision making.

Success awaits.

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