Complex Messages and Replies

How to create a comprehensive reply in just 10 minutes

Imagine you just got an email from a prospect who is definitely warming up. Here’s what they wrote:

I read your last message and have a few questions. Where can I see some testimonials from people who have used your service? You seem to be more expensive than your competitors, why is that? Can I get out of a contract with you if I decide it is not working?

So, they are starting to delve deep. This is a good sign. It’s time to give them some real substance.

How long do you think it would take to create a comprehensive response that got them moving forward?

Here’s the reply.

“Thanks for your thoughtful email. I understand your situation and it is definitely time to start doing something positive about it.

You can read testimonials at You will see the problems, like yours, that our clients were facing and how our service reduced risk and strengthened their position.

I am glad you noticed that our prices are slightly above the average. Your attention to detail will help you throughout this process. We provide a service that pays close attention, as well. In our case, we focus on solving your problems. When people take their eye off the ball, that’s when real trouble starts.

We take your point about the contract very seriously, so the contract we use has a “bail-out” clause, which enables you to decide at no cost to stop using our service. You’ll see in the testimonials that our customers like the security that provides. Neither you nor this company want to be caught in an inflexible, unproductive arrangement.

I have attached a copy of our contract for you to read. It is in plain English and is not long. May I check in with you on Thursday morning to talk about any further issues you may have?”

That response, which is perfectly aligned to their intent (which is focused on taking action). It emphasizes (through the testimonial issue) the uncertainty that comes with the problems they are facing and how the service can make things better. Next, it reinforces their attentive stance about the cost of the service but warns of the inherent risks (when customer or service provider take their eye off the ball). By combining the issue with the contract and the fact that they are feeling serious, the flexibility the contract offers will increase their sense of security in the service and its provider.

To reinforce that issue and to keep in close contact, the message ends with seeking permission to contact them at a specific time when the next step can be taken.

How long did that take to write?

Exactly, ten minutes.

Using MercurySays not only provides excellent sales structure to your reply. It shows you how to fit your response to their current mental and emotional framework. More than that, you were able to respond in ten minutes. One of the most important techniques in sales is to “strike while the iron is hot.” Well, this particular piece of iron is smoking.

With MercurySays at your side, you can do this all day every day.

That’s a very good prospect to have.