Company Voice

It’s vital to align your public messages with your corporate mission statement. Now you can do this by using the extraordinary insights of MercurySays.

We analyze and report on a company’s recent messages to measure any changes in style and focus. Then we assess those messages against the company’s mission statement.

We provide the report’s results in the form of the Big Five psychological categories.

Private Report for CEOs and Senior Managers

For selected senior executives, we offer a special private report on recent text communications based on your company’s mission statement or on a specific goal you are striving to achieve.

To request your report, please contact us here.

The Walmart Report

MercurySays has analyzed Walmart’s LinkedIn messages and discovered some fascinating areas where that company can do better.

Please read (and download) our report on recent messages by one of the greatest retail firms of all time.

The Starbucks Report

To show you the incredible power of MercurySays, please read (and download) our report on recent messages posted on LinkedIn by one of our favorite coffee chains Starbucks.