the good, the bad, and the brilliant

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Is your prospect or customer certain about something? You should be thrilled.

Imagine they are certain about your product or service. They believe it will solve their problems. Welcome to paradise! Your job, as a salesperson, is about done.

But, what if they are certain that what you offer is useless or bad?

A great salesperson will jump at that. It’s an opportunity that can be turned to advantage.

In a sales conversation, the prospects’ certainty should be challenged so they feel “less certain” or downright “uncertain.”

That’s when the door opens. You can create a new certainty. It’s based on your product, your service, and you.

Use MercurySays to make this happen every time. MercurySays measures your prospects’ level of certainty and tells you how to turn it your way.

Are you certain you don’t need MercurySays?

Try it and see.