Brilliant Replies Fast

Here’s am email you have just received from a prospect. It has a hint that they are interested in your product but there is not much in it to take things further, or so it seems. Here’s what they wrote:

“I can’t find the specifications for your product on your website. Could you send me a link? Thanks.”

Normally, you may simply send that link and sign off with a “call me if you need anything” conclusion.

Look at how MercurySays guides you to create a brilliant response.

“It can be frustrating when you can’t find what you need. Here is the link to the specifications: Specifications.

Sometimes, the specifications alone will not show you what you need to know. So, I would love to explain some of the benefits that arise from the features of the XYZ.

You will have no trouble joining up the dots. Doing something without enough knowledge usually leads to more headaches: something we all want to avoid.

May I call you after lunchtime tomorrow? I am excited to hear your insights.”

Notice that MercurySays has notified that they are in an emotional mode. That’s probably not obvious if you just read the text literally. The emotional theme in the reply is continued with words like “frustrating,” ‘love,” “headaches,” and “excited.”

MercurySays has detected that they are moderately uncertain. The second paragraph touches on their uncertainty and offers a solution (your explanation).

As they are feeling quick-witted, the third paragraph starts with “You will have no trouble joining up the dots.” But, a little doubt is injected when it is made clear that the uncertainty of “doing something without enough knowledge” leads to negative feelings.

This piece finishes with asking for a “yes.” That leads to the next step.

That’s a brilliant sales response. It’s brief. It’s to the point. It’s fast and easy to write. And, it fits this prospect more than you could ever do without MercurySays beside you.

MercurySays: how could you live without it?