Be a Good One

If you’re the office clown, be a good one.

If you’re a mom, be the best.

If you’re in sales, go for glory!

You’ll see a lot of slogans like that. But, they don’t always seem to align with real life.

It’s easy to say, “Fix up the worst aspect of your sales work.” Doing so will stop you from falling too far. Of course, another path to improvement is to cut your exposure to that worst bit. If writing is not your strong suit, call your leads. If you don’t like talking, write to them.

Maybe you can make your CRM sing like a violin and, maybe, you know every detail of your product and service. But, when it comes to working with the emotional and the personal (the heart of sales), some people really don’t quite get it. They miss verbal clues and emotional shifts.

Luckily, there is a simple way to fix that.

You don’t have to learn anything. You don’t have to avoid anything.

Simply, paste your lead’s incoming text messages into and you will see deeply into their mind. And, you will be guided to provide a highly empathic and purposeful response to each individual … every time.

So, Abraham Lincoln was right. It’s just that, as a salesperson, you now have an easy path to becoming a really good one.

MercurySays: making sales work for you.